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Cannot find any reviews specific to Orbea Aqua and it's sort of putting me off ordering the Aqua T105.

Anyone got a similar bike and what is it like for riding/handling? I compared it against my mates Trek and the Orbea seems heavier than the 1.5 he bought.

Any help appreciated as I really like the Orbea but the lack of information/reviews on them is off putting.



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    I have an Orbea Aqua TTG that i got April last year. It has Tiagra instead of 105's. I would imaging it will be very similar to mine apart from the gears.
    I can recomend it, they are very good tough bikes. I did LeJog last year on it and i've just done the Way of The Roses this last weekend on it - some of the route we took was more suitable for MTB's and it manged no problem at all.
    I have had no problems at all and given what ive done on it over the past year i think is pretty good.
    If you like it then get.
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