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Forum on Mobile Devices

PHoSawyerPHoSawyer Posts: 15

I have recently joined the forums. Mainly for the classifieds but have also noticed the website on a whole is ace!

Anyway I was wandering whether you'd be interested in opening your forum up a little more to mobile devices.
There is a free app for iPhone called 'Tapatalk' which is a forum App that simplifies using forums on a mobile device.

It is free for users and the forums and I cannot see a disadvantage to having it as it is only a simple plugin on most forums.

Please could you at least discuss enabling this on BikeRadar. Im sure a lot of members would be interested in using this service?

Adam (STW user: phosawyer)


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    try reading all the other posts below regarding tap talk.

    Not happening for some time.
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  • PHoSawyerPHoSawyer Posts: 15
    lol my bad, used site search but couldnt find anything. used google and found a lot =0

    shame it cant be used at all/ until a major engine upgrade.
  • forbezforbez Posts: 62
    What about that's even better than tapatalk but again phpbb v3

    Just a suggestion fir the future.

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  • Jeff JonesJeff Jones Posts: 1,865 Editor
    There is a forum upgrade planned soonish, so we'll take this into account if we can.
    Jeff Jones

    Product manager, Sports
  • allactionallaction Posts: 209
    I've just got forum runner for a couple of US forums I use. Is very practical, don't know if it is more/less easier for you to consider?
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Post upgrade - did it get a chance to be looked into?

    Another thought is to spin a BikeRadar app, for the forums and perhaps beyond with maybe some way of generating revenue from it ;). Not just by charging for the app, though I'd make it free anyway as few people pay, especially on Android. e.g. Ads perhaps, links to buy things, affiliate links, and maybe even electronic versions of the magazines for paid download.
  • I realise this post is a couple of years old now but did you ever manage to make an android app for bike radar, your idea sounds great and I for one would certainly purchase/downloadthe app
  • rundlerundle Posts: 52
    Well, I've waited as long as is reasonable to see Tapatalk or ForumRunner get supported and since the answer appears to be a resounding - censored off - that's what I'll do. Here and

    Too damn difficult (and expensive) on a mobile device.

    If you nits get around to mobile support before the Internet dies of old age, I'll be shocked.
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