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pink riderpink rider Posts: 11
edited June 2011 in Women
Hello everyone,

I've been thinking for a while about trying to set up a website that would help you find other ladies in your area who ride and plan rides out with them, hopefully encouraging more women to confidently get out and ride more. I'm not sure if this is something that would interest anyone else, so I've set up quite a basic forum-style site to see if it takes off.

You're welcome to come and check it out, post in the forums and let me know what you think..

As I mentioned it's basic and ready for development so if you have any ideas on how to make it awesome let me know.

Thanks - Sarah



    is already up an running has been for a while.
  • pink riderpink rider Posts: 11
    Ah yea i know it well, although figured it was more of a northern thing as the rides planned tend to be around the same area. Also womensmtb is aimed specifically at meeting other riders and riding rather than a general forum.
    I guess ultimately we all want to see the same thing, I work in a bike shop and can see the potential of female cyclists who'd appreciate getting around some other girly riders. i'll support any site that does that.
  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,823
    pink rider wrote:
    I guess ultimately we all want to see the same thing, I work in a bike shop and can see the potential of female cyclists who'd appreciate getting around some other girly riders. i'll support any site that does that.

    Indeedy :D

    I don't think it matters how many sites there are, if it means more girls get out on their bikes then it's got to be a good thing!
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  • mtb crazymtb crazy Posts: 245
    this is a good idea :D i will certainly have a look at the sites and miss notax i agree with you!
  • sassysarahsassysarah Posts: 421
    I'm not sure where i am i'm in the Midlands(Birmingham) is that West??
    Biking censored of Wyre....rides with anyone!
  • pink riderpink rider Posts: 11
    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Sassy Sarah - I'm glad you mentioned this as was unsure of how to split it all up, do you think a midlands forum would help? Or maybe a different set up?

    We'll be getting some events on there soon so keep popping by..
  • sassysarahsassysarah Posts: 421
    I think you have to be carefully about making to much work for yourself....i would prob prefer to glance down all the rides ect in one go ...than look in lots of little box :lol: but than that just me i'm sure others will find it very usefully
    Biking censored of Wyre....rides with anyone!
  • EsmereldaEsmerelda Posts: 29
    Shecycles only appears northern because I've organised most of the "Easy Rides" - and I happen to live near Manchester! But I enjoy exploring other parts of the country as well.

    I keep trying to encourage girls in other parts of the country to post up rides, and invite us along. However, this isn't really working, and I think it's a confidence thing. Girls often assume that they are too slow or inexperienced to ride with others - and in my opinion, it's riding with men which causes this belief. That's the value of riding with a group of girls occasionally - you realise that you're a better rider than you thought!

    I started organising rides precisely because I'm so slow. If you are the only one who knows the route, they can't ride off into the distance, and leave you behind, can they? :lol: I try to ensure there's a cafe and toilets at the meeting place, and a pub or teashop for lunch (and a gossip). It helps to let people know the exact route in advance, and ideally "escape routes" in case anyone needs to shorten the ride for any reason.

    I wish you success with your website, Pink Rider - but please also post any rides on Shecycles, otherwise I probably won't spot them. And feel free to copy any of my rides onto your website as well. I agree with Miss Notax - the more, the merrier!
  • pink riderpink rider Posts: 11
    Hi Esmerelda, I'm so glad you posted as I was hoping we'd be able to merge the websites a bit. I've been planning to come along to some of your rides for a while but lack of transport and working a lot of weekends usually holds me back, hopefully you'll see my bright red, sweaty face along at one of your rides soon. I especially like the fact that the rides were formed around the need for cake and a slow pace - sounds perfect.

    Thanks for your reply too sassysarah, I like the idea of having all planned rides in one place, I might see how that goes too.
  • nicky1966nicky1966 Posts: 16
    That sounds like a great idea. I am single and would love to meet other like mineded women. Mtb is a very male dominated sport, which is fine but when it comes to the social side it can be quite difficult. I am doing a few events but on my own. None of my friends are into sport at all which makes things hard also.
    I have put a blogs on here and Singletrack for company on rides and other stuff, I don't seem to get much response. It again seems one for the guys.
    Hope this makes sense. :)
  • MichelleKMichelleK Posts: 11
    Hi Nicky

    I'm from Wimborne.....I've sent you a PM

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