Hi - what's the best tyre for commuting on a Brompton?

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Just moved home and started commuting by Brompton to train station and Brompton again to work.
2 miles - train - then 6 miles London riding.
Any suggestions for fast rolling and good puncture protection?
I have seen Brompton's own yellow and green label but don't know much about them apart from their raw statistics.
Any others that I should consider?

Any advice gratefully received.
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  • mercurykev
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    I use the green label Brompton Kevlar tyre. They offer good puncture protection and can be pressured up to 100psi, meaning that they roll quickly.
  • yocto
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    Schwalbe Marathon Plus have excellent puncture protection and available in the 16" size.

    However, if you could go for Schwalbe Kojak (also available in 16") which are very fast and help dampen out a bit of road buzz which is great for small wheels. They also look cool too. If you do have a puncture you can always fold it up and jump on the bus :)
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    Got some SMPs for the puncture protection .Brompton Punctures on the back wheel are a bit of a pain otherwise..but what little b...s SMPS are to get on and off....Probably theres a technque to it but I find em real tight fitting toughies Not totally puncture free though as you get sometimes caught out by pinch punctures over bad bumps ( prob if your tyres aint pumped up hard emough) so keep em hard

    Emergency repair Puncture foam(about £6.99 Halfords)for bikes is handy for the Brompton..keeps your tyre up for 24hours to get you home buts its a slugglish ride and you lose your innertude.
  • t4tomo
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    Schwalbe Marathons for me, I found they gripped better in the wet than the Brompton own brand they replaced and have been pretty good on the p*****ture front. I run them at or around 100psi and haven't had a pinch flat.
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    I have 20' Marathons on the Bike Friday and Mrs JW has Kojacks on her Dahon - we've ridden on and off road without any visits from the PF - have to say the Kojaks are faster on the road and do look cool