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carpetmonster Posts: 18
Hi folks new here, Just after some basic advice i have just got a bike this week (Giant Terrago 2009 model) been out 3 times this week done 4 miles each time im wanting to increase my fitness lose a little weight and tone up.

Anyway i just wanted to ask how would i go about stepping up my distancalso any tips on what to eat etc?

How much riding should i be doing to see some results?

By the 3 trip out this week it was already easier and my bum less saw lol.

Im 6ft big boned and 16 stone just need some help shifting the timber and getting fitter to enjoy my new hobbie.




  • 1340jas
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    welcome to the site.

    I wouldn't worry at this stage about food. Step up both the distance and frequency of your riding. As you get fitter you will be able to cover a greater distance in the same time.
    So if you can manage three times a week that would be a good start.
    If you can't try to do one long ride a week and get some other fitness in, like the gym.

    I noticed my fitness improving quite quickly. I then just started to ride at a few trail centres once I thought I was OK.
    Keep it up and try to get a few mates involved or make some new friends at your nearest trail.
    Once you ride with a few others you tend to push each other and its usually more fun and safer than being on your own
    Good luck
  • MattJWL
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    Hi Carpetmonster. Welcome to mountain biking!

    As above, don't stress too much about food just yet. Get out & enjoy!

    However, drink (more than you think); about 1L per hour that you're out, more if it's sunny (up to double if it's really hot).

    When you get to rides of between 1-2 hours, have a flapjack, or ceral bar every 45 mins-1 hour, and have some pasta or similar when you're home. You can go further into this, but to begin with I reckon you won't go too far wrong if you stick to this.
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  • Thanks guys i'm going to try 10 miles today take my time and build up the pace as I go. As far as water intake goes what is the best and cheapest method?


  • Bikehawk
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    Hydration pack. I tried the water bottle approach when I first started but found I had to stop to drink and the amount of crap that gets onto the bottle especially if it's anyway wet and muddy is not nice. Switched to a hydration pack and found it was easier to stay hydrated as I could drink whilst on the move. It also stopped the starting/stopping which allowed me to get develop better flow through the trails at least I think so. :o:lol: Their also handy to carry a few bits and pieces such as pump, spare tube and snacks etc.