Giant replacement - is this good value?

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I bought a Giant OCR for £550 in 2005 - the frame cracked and was replaced by Giant in 2008. The replacment has now cracked amd I'm being told I can have a 2007 TCR zero frame, with my equipment put on it for £250

I was hoping for a 'free' new frame but they say that as I bought it in 2005 it is now out of the 5 year warranty I must admit i did not clarify that when the replacement was provided.

Is this good value, or am I being taken advantage of?

During the week I've been without a bike I've been drooling over other bikes on the web: I'm tempted to just buy another bike, but times are hard!


  • dunc69
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    I have a Spesh Allez Sport 2008. The frame is corroding quite badly. Spesh have offered me a new Allez frame for £250 plus my old frame. Sounds like a reasonable deal, but the Spesh dealer may want extra to take apart the old one and rebuild the new one (don't think I could do it all myself) so the deal gets worse............

    I think your offer of £250 for a 2007 frame sounds an even worse deal. Surely a cracked frame should be replaced with a new one?

    Just my two penneth. Good luck!