rich g
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At present on my mavic a719 wheels, i have Panaracer pasela 700x28c tyres,and would like faster tyres has anyone got any recommendations.
Thanks rich


  • Pseudonym
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    almost any tyre you buy will be faster than those...
  • chrishd883
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    Avoid Schwalbe Marathom+ tyres and anything made for Specialized and you should be OK!

    Michelin Pro 3's are great, if a liitle more fragile than the Pro 2's before them!
  • father_jack
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    Panaracer pasela are good wet weather tyres, I'll take them off you
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
  • chrishd883
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    I was referring to the Specialized range of tyres.

    Clothing Seems OK in my limited experience.

    Frames? Limited to experience of a Tricross Comp.
    IMO - bad brakes, heavy, poor tyres - slow & prone to punctures, heavy/harsh wheels with soft aluminium freehub (severely cut up after a 1,000 miles) , LH lever broke at 1k miles (Shimano) and soft paint finish.

    Now up to 4.5k miles and put away for the summer.

    I've changed the wheels (only Shimano RS10's), 23mm tyres - big improvement. About to convert to mini Vee's to improve braking power.