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I want to get this bike as Specialized no longer produce the Tricross singlespeed. I want the bike to be used on road and occasional off road use. I have owned fixed before so know I will get on ok with it, but would value some input from owners. I understand that the frame sizing tends to be on the small size so I am thinking of ordering a large frame. I need to know does the bike easily take mudguards.


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    It will take mudguards but they can be a fiddle there are threaded bosses vertically in the rear fork. First time I removed the trad fork crown brackets and bolted through the mudguard. Vibration eventually caused the mudguard to crack. I now bolt through the brackets and bend them over. Not the neatest but it works.
    Sizing I contacted On One to confirm sizing and it's been bob on.
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    I have guards on mine with 32c world tour tyres with enough adjustment at the rear. Don't think it would take larger tyres with guards especially at the rear.
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    This rear mudguard fitting is classic french tourer style. Normally it is used with stainless or alloy guards with large rubber washers both sides to isolate the guard from the vibration so it is not entirely surprising that a plastic guard bolted directly to the fitting cracked. (The french style uses a conventional brake bridge with a vertical hole and sometimes a brake caliper that uses the same fitting). Gilles Berthoud doesn't list the fittings any longer but I think the Confrerie du 650B still use them on their custom randonneuses. Berthoud has a similar fitting for the front brake, hanging off the brake pivot bolt.
    It shouldn't be too difficult to find suitable washers and to cut bits of inner tube to isolate the guard from the frame.
    If in doubt the site of Gilles Berthoud can supply the front fitting which has a suitable washer and rubber spacer.
    Tap washers (the rubber ones) might be very suitable as spacers, bit thicker than inner tube.
    Cheers Jo
  • I fitted the guards using a tap washer as above and it's been fine. Before that I did something like the pictures above with a piece of angle metal, but it didn't look right so I went for the tap washer. Clearance wise it's tight between the rear wheel and seat tube. Sizing I got a XL and it's great (I'm a little over 6'1") although I have heard of toe overlap on small frame sizes. There's no overlap on mine.
  • I drilled through the SKS guard, used washers either side to prevent the guard from cracking, screwed the bolt in...job done.
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    I drilled through the SKS guard, used washers either side to prevent the guard from cracking, screwed the bolt in...job done.

    Ditto (well on a Kaffenback - which I think is pretty much the same frame?)
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