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I brought a road bike from a well know national chain on 2nd April, bike reduced as end of line but not second hand.
Since purchase I have done about 400 miles, and in the last 50-60 or so the bottom bracket has started to creak when pressure put on pedals. Following various advices, including what seemed bizarre but eventually made sense, checking seat post, the problem won't go.
Thus narrowed down to bottom bracket made by FSA, with FSA crank, 105 everything else. It's an external jobby if that matters.
LBS suggests remove BB, regrease and replace, if that doesn't work BB is shot.
Buys appropriate BB tool, watch video on Bikeradar for instructions, damn thing will not budge! Defiitely doing it right, but it's absolutely stuck solid.
Spoke to the well known chain, I now have to take bike back (60 miles away) and leave it there, but not before ominous warning, it's a wearable part so may not be covered under warranty.

Finally the questions, thanks for baring with me:

How long should a BB last on average before it starts creaking?
What are my rights if they won't fix it under warranty?
I assume because they do wear out that BB's are by their nature designed to be removed and replaced?

Any advice would be gratefully received, my dread is that I am stuck with bike I am otherwise happy with, waiting for the BB to be completely useless and knowing that it's stuck solid! Potentially rendering bike useless as well. This in turn leading to me getting fat, wife leaving me, and me taking to drink.
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    first things first. you have made things rather hard for your self by trying to fix something that you should not have done.

    they may say you have invalidated your warranty.

    sounds like it was due its first free service anyway to sort out these niggles that apear after some use.
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    Firstly, some cheapo BBs don't last very long i.e. a single winter, articularly if it's an external bearing type.
    Most warranties only cover you for defective design and manufacture, not wear and tear and are typically considered 'goodwill' at the discretion of the manufacturer. Your right as the purchaser is with the shop through the Sale of Goods act and they might try to avoid that with the warranty route with the manufacturer. BBs are classed as consumable and generally not covered by warranties, so unlikely to get much joy.
    You would therefore need to deem the bike defective or 'not fit for purpose' if you say the BB is knackered and seek recompense that way.
    However, if you've ridden the bike in the rain a lot with no mudguards, done no maintenance and then expect the shop to pick up for your negligence, then you might have a struggle. You have little evidence to suggest that the BB was installed incorrectly.
    BBs are pretty cheap - perhaps negotiate with the shop that you'll pay for the replacement parts and they'll fit it for free as a compromise?
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    you bought it a couple of months ago and have done only 400 miles?

    unless you've abused it, for a shop to suggest it's wear and tear after that time/distance is ridiculous

    it's a bike. you can reasonably expect it to last a lot longer than this before needing parts replaced

    understand your rights...

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  • Okay, i understand the point about wearable items, and though dissapointing I would be prepared to pay for the bottom bracket, though with one wet ride, and a good clean and oiling after every ride (THAT FIRST BLUSH OF BIKE LOVE) I would be shocked if 400 miles is it for BB's.
    My major concern is, that even if not faulty, the fact that it's stuck solid on the frame, means it would be a problem to replace anyway. Perhaps I'm lucky it's squeaky already.

    If there is a fault with the fitting, which means that it in fact won't come off for whatever reason, is that enough to say the bike was not for purpose?

    Not trying to score msyelf a better bike or rip anyone off, just want to make sure I have a bike that works properly now, and will work properly in the future allowing for reasonable wear and tear and appropriate maintainence.
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    I know you said you are doing it right, just checking that you know the drive side has a left hand thread, so you turn clockwise to remove it.

    Also, keep pressure washers away from BB.

    If the item fails within 6 months then the presumption is that it was faulty at time of sale, seller has to prove otherwise (this is nothing to do with the warranty, this is your statutory rights. I don't think 400 miles of normal use is acceptable, (misuse / poor care are another matter, but they need to prove that). The fact that people may say they only last 400 miles does not make it acceptable (I have only worn out one external BB in my time, that was after 3 years commuting). Many shops just refer to the warranty and avoid their obligations). That said, taking an overly assertive approach may take you nowhere fast, so go gently and only go up the gears if they don't help.
  • Thanks for the reassurance, I'm hoping the national chain will see the point about it being stuck, and be reasonable. No crashes, no jet washes, just normal use, I'll post how I get on, it's going back on Monday, despite the 120 miles round trip.
    Some people are like slinkies - not much use for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs.

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    IIRC, when i did my FSA BB, the wrench needed a sharp smack with a mallet to get it started. It was very tight in the first place.