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On One Hundred mountain marathon

Hairy BobHairy Bob Posts: 22
edited June 2011 in XC and Enduro
Hi guys,

Hopefully this is the right forum for enduro's, if not, apologies, but maybe someone could help me out :)

Ive just entered the event (100km) as my first ever enduro, i live local to the area its in so it should be on my local trails. Is there anywhere that the route will be published or are they kept "secret" until the event?

Also as its my first enduro any advice for a newbie. I wont be doing it on my own as there are three of us doing it together, all first timers. Also what sort of time do people take to do it, i am of average fitness and used to riding fairly long hours / distance, just not at a high speed. Im thinking of between 6 - 8 hours, is this selling myself short or unrealistic?


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