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New to XC . south wales

Andrew_J_HeardAndrew_J_Heard Posts: 119
edited July 2011 in XC and Enduro
Hey guys.

Slowly getting back inuo mountain biking and would like something to push me a bit more and perhaps something to aim towards.

I'm not in the best of condition and don't have the fanciest of bike (cube acid 2011) so I'm looking for any amateur friendly events or meets.

Thanks guys
Cube Acid 2011


  • dkcroobydkcrooby Posts: 6
    Hi Andrew,

    There are quite a few xc riders in your area. To start you off, have you been up the Smilog (Llantrisant forest)? That can be quite challenging and from there you can even head out over the top to the windmills and down into Blackmill.
    Most of the riders just set out with friends and guys they've met through riding, no actual clubs as such. Most clubs are solely downhill.
    I live in Brynna and quite a few riders I know (from Tonypandy even) ride the back of the new film studios in Bryncae. If you want to meet up at some stage just let me know, I can introduce you to a couple of friends and show you some routes.
    Best way to become involved in organised events is see whats on. We tend to make all the Chain Reaction Cycle marathons in our area (broadly speaking). The next will be in Ruthin, North Wales, check out
    Nice bike by the way.

  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    andrew, why don't you take a look at the forest of dean enduro..there's a 10 mile - 1 lap version. i think me and some of the guys are looking at going up...i may possibly do the 2 lap version:
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