Charity ride

big feller
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I'am planning to ride from Crook (Durham) to Seascale (Cumbria) 29th June approx 110 miles in a day for a Cancer Charity how should I brake up the journey and what drink/food should I take on the ride, I have back up support so any help would be appreciated
Doing it on my mountain bike


  • diy
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    porridge for breakfast to get some slow burn carbs inside you.
    banana's to keep you going.
    ISO drink powders in your hydration pack.
    high sugar oat bars (e.g. flapjack) to keep you going.

    make sure you drink at least 500ml per hour and take on food every 40mins to an hour. Have normal food available at stops as you get fed up of sweet stuff all day.

    Not sure what you mean about breaking up the ride, I would try to stop as little as possible and maybe just have 10 mins every 3-4 hours. I've done 100 miles a few times and its stops that are the killer.

    you also want your tyres as slick and hard as you can get away with.