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Diamondback Outlook FS (Older Model I Think?).

Darkstalker420Darkstalker420 Posts: 212
edited June 2011 in MTB buying advice
We are going to "put down" the girlfriends BOSS Silver Streak at the end of the year. It has more slop in the pivots/forks than a 60 year old hooker!! :lol: She needs full sus really as she has a lower back issue and it makes longer rides less painfull.

So we were looking for budget full susser's..... And well not many came up HOWEVER!! Bikes2UDirect has an older model (has v brakes not disks like the newer models) for £223 just wanted someone to have a look through the spec and see if there were any "stinkers".

Now this bike will be just a towpath/trail cruiser so no 15ft drop offs etc!! think comfort etc. Also i see the RST forks have 100mm of travel (maybe??!) anyone like to take a guess at what the rear puts out (figure about the same?). and honestly for the money is it a fair purchase (all in all) to be honest i'm thinking of MAYBE getting one myself....... God no his and hers MTB's :oops: :oops: :lol:.



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