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garmin edge 500

kierhanlon6kierhanlon6 Posts: 158
edited June 2011 in Road buying advice
hello new to road riding and havent got a spedo yet looking at buying the garmin edge 500 is it a good bit of kit does any one recommend it and also is it worth buying with the heart rate and cadence thing?


  • mikeyh54mikeyh54 Posts: 18
    I bought one as a training aid and for that purpose it does exactly what it should.

    You only need the heart monitor and cadence sensor if you are looking to get data from your rides to help you train for an event/sportive etc.

    I've not had any problems with the device and have had it for about 2 years now. The elevation measurements are a bit dodgy as they are based on air pressure (I think) and so change depending on the weather, but this isn't so important to me.

    You get access to the Garmin Training centre which I haven't had a look at properly, but it gives you a lot of data on all rides you have saved to the device.

    Note it does not work as a SatNav, you'll need the 705 or the new 800 model for this. If you have any other questions about the 500, I should be able to help
  • kierhanlon6kierhanlon6 Posts: 158
    Spot on Cheers mate. Will look in to buying one then. I'm not worried about the sat nav as I know my way around where inwoll be riding. Cheers
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 8,640
    If you JUST want a speedo and HR - then there are cheaper options.

    But if you want loads of data (and the ability to customize what data you view), then the 500 is brilliant.

    I use mine because I can also pair it with my power measurement system to get power data (you won't be doing this). But would recommend it for a great all-around cycling computer. get the HR strap - and skip the cadence add-on unless you really need it.
  • twotyredtwotyred Posts: 822
    If you think you will be training seriously in the future then its very useful for recording your ride data and if that's the case I'd also recommend you get the heart rate sensor and cadence/speed sensors. If you just want a speedo then get a cheap bike computer. I wouldn't bother with Garmin training centre but use the Garmin Connect website for uploading and storing your data.

    BTW it will work as a sat nav if you work out a route on something like bikeroutetoaster and then download to the unit as a TCX file. The Edge 500 will then give you visual turn instructions or a "breadcrumb" trail to follow.
  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    big fan of my 500. I use the HRM but not the cadence.
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  • RDB66RDB66 Posts: 492
    Another big fan here of the 500.

    Get the bundle with HR and Cadence...You've then got the lot and can pick n choose what you want to use.
    Plus if you ever sell it on, its a good selling point.

    Cadence is well worth having, mind you so is the HRM !! lol

    Great computer though.
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  • ermintrudeermintrude Posts: 514
    Kierhanlon6 I've sent you a PM
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Cadence is a waste of time but HRM can be useful if you want to do specific training. Personally though I rarely use the HRM or cadence sensor with my 705
  • twotyredtwotyred Posts: 822
    Cadence is a waste of time

    Not if you are doing pedalling drills
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