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New stem and bars

ohara227ohara227 Posts: 225
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Im in the market for a new stem and bars, to replace the one on my 2010 Giant Defy 2 as I feel the drops are not very comfy and perhaps a little stretched. I think ill go for the Pro Logic Ritchey ones 42cm, with a 1cm shorter stem. I was wanting a slightly shorter stem but it appears the reach (from what I can tell) of the new bars will be shorter so I should be able to go for the new bars and see what they are like, instead of the stem right away.

I have never done this before, and excited yet nervous of retapping bars - learn by doing! The main worry is how do I fit the Shimano Tiagra shifters back on? Not dug about too much, but is it a metal strap that clamps them on? Any tips to get them at the 'right even height' dont think the bars have markings on them to aid leveling them...

Any tips would be great.

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  • ascurrellascurrell Posts: 1,739
    This may help with the tape side, Cheers, Scurry ... 0001648281
  • doktorstevedoktorsteve Posts: 112
    Short reach bars make a big difference to the reach. If you can avoid changing the stem to make a test then you will probably find that you need the same length.

    I changed from Giant 'ergo' to FSA Omega (very stiff bar) and increased the stem from 100mm to 110mm.

    The original bars may not be OS so you may be forced to buy a new stem. Luckily I was able to borrow stems from mates.

    Tiagra levers have an 5mm Allen bolt down the side under the rubber hood. You can get the instruction manual from the Shmano USA website.

    When it comes to lining them up I have tried spirit levels and measuring but I end up pinching the levers up, then getting on the bike and wiggling them around until they feel right or trying to line the tops up by eye.

    Don't try to do any fancy taping around the brakes. Stick the extra bit to the brakes then use a simple wrap. It is not difficult. If you push the boat out and get Spesh Roubaix tape then the gel adhesive will allow you a few tries to get it right. Mine has been swapped between bars about 4 times so far! And its very nice tape too.
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  • tgotbtgotb Posts: 4,714
    Tape the cables in place with electrical tape and then ride around for a bit with no bar tape. Unlimited scope to play with bar/lever position, then tape it when you're happy.
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