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Buying a second-hand Spicy 916 - what to look out for?

milko9000milko9000 Posts: 533
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Hello all. I'm picking up a second-hand Lapierre Spicy 916 (2009 model) this week. It's all very exciting! Should be rather different to the hardtails that are all I've ridden properly before.

Even at second-hand prices this is a lot of money for me to be handing over. And reading around the web it seems that some of them (a minority, I assume!) have had some warranty issues with the frame - chainstay and/or BB area cracks? Can anyone here give me advice on what to look out for? I'd be the third owner of this thing and not have any purchase info, so I don't know where I'd stand on any warranty it might still be in.

Many thanks in advance.


  • .Brucey..Brucey. Posts: 66
    Lapierre warrenty terms only apply to the original owner.

    This is the warrenty page from an owners manual.

    Subject to the limitations, terms and conditions listed hereafter, the following warranty is valid starting fromthe original date of purchase of the bicycle. The warranty is only valid for bicycles purchased from Lapierre authorized dealers and for the original retail purchaser. The terms are not transferable.

    The warranty is applicable only for bikes used under normal conditions, and will be cancelled in the case of misuse, lack of maintenance, accidents, normal wear and tear, or other abnormal or excessive treatment.

    Lapierre provides a 5 year warranty for rigid frames and a 2 year warranty for full-suspension frames against manufacturer and material defects.
    The DH frame is warranted for 1 year, under the condition that it is used for downhill riding only and not freeride.

    Paint and decals are warranted against manufacturer defects for one year from the original owner’s date of purchase.

    This warranty is not valid for bicycles used in competition.

    All component parts used on Lapierre bicycles are warranted against manufacturer defects for a period of 2 years, starting from the original date of purchase. Certain parts, such as suspension forks, shock absorbers, complete wheelsets, and hydraulic brakes, are warranted by their respective manufacturers, who handle
    warranty claims directly.

    The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. You will find a list of consumable parts in paragraph IV - 3 MAINTENANCE - Consumable parts

    For all warranty claims, the user must have a proof of purchase indicating the date of purchase from one of Lapierre’s authorized dealers. The user must present the completed warranty booklet as well as the invoice statement. The dealer will perform an initial analysis of the problem.
  • milko9000milko9000 Posts: 533
    Well, that's good to know and rules out that angle completely, thanks! Precision info.

    In that case, is there anything on the frame I can look out for as a sign of potential trouble? Or is it just a case that if there are no visible cracks yet, it's probably fine (until there are)?

    Thanks again.
  • slimboyjimslimboyjim Posts: 367
    My Zesty had a crack on the bb. I'd suggest you closely inspect the frame, removing the chainset and inspecting the bb area in particular... The location of my crack meant it wasn't visible when the chainset was on. Make sure whoever you are buying it from has cleaned the bike before you inspect it too, so nothing is missed (hopefully!).

    Best of luck...
  • milko9000milko9000 Posts: 533
    oooh. That's some scary new level of maintenance for me, taking off a chainset entirely. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely examine the area with a careful eye and hopefully summon up the courage to get the tools out as well. Much appreciated!
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