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Specialized 2011 Epic Comp Carbon - not sure if it is right

Razor1548Razor1548 Posts: 53
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Hello people,

I really do not want to know how much my bike is worth so please do not give me any information related to that in this thread.

I recently had my 2008 Kona Dawg stolen from the shed (cost £998 new in late 2009).

The insurance company offered me a 2011 Specialized Epic Comp Carbon as a replacement, and I certainly wasn't going to argue.

That is listed as £2800 new on the website they used (insurance replacement specialists I think). ... -2011.aspx

I am not a great rider and never will be. I love the trails at Chicksands, but a broken clavicle on the left several years ago, and a more recent AC link seperation on the right have taught me that I am one man who needs to keep the wheels firmly on the ground. :)

I cannot help have a niggling feeling that I will never put this bike to it's best use... and the most sensible thing might be for me to sell the bike and buy something in the £1000 bracket and have a bit of cash to spare. But I REALLY do not want to know how much the bike might be worth... just in case anyone thinks this thread is about that.

To really put it in perspective.... I was not 100% sure about full suspension after going form my old HardRock to the Dawg in the first place. The Dawg did feel pretty comfortable to me though... perhaps I had just grown used to it.

Heck... I might even just buy new parts for the old Hardrock and return that to being the main bike.

A friend believes I might be best to sell the bike and get something more basic.

Just to complicate everything further, here are a few more worries of mine:

I am ok with bike basics, but don't think I can service the suspension myself. So I guess that is a yearly cost at least.

I am scared as hell of anything damaging the carbon frame. I have read online that leaving it leaning against a post, then it slipping and hitting the post could really do the frame some damage.

I am not sure the 2 ring front 10 speed on the back is quite right for me. In truth I only really like to ride off road trails, so I guess it would not be a problem then... but on my 'road tests' of this bike... I have found myself missing the big ring up front.

I know it's all down to personal feel and all that, but would appreciate any opinions on the above.

I just don't know if I should get on with it and enjoy the bike... or get whatever money I can for it and buy something lower end.

Sorry for the long post. I have an awful habit of using 1000 words where 100 would have done! Smile




  • getonyourbikegetonyourbike Posts: 2,648
    I don't think 100mm of travel is too much and it'll feel completely different to your dawg. It'll be faster and less sluggish, you don't have to be the best rider in the world to appreciate a good bike. :wink: if it was me and it suited the riding I was doing, I'd keep it. So if you like a bit of XC then keep it. If you do more hardcore things then get something with more travel.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    what you say about damage is the same as for any bike.

    Either use it and see or split it or see what you can get for it.

    Copter tape can be applied against any areas that you are concerned about just the same as if it was an Alu frame.
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  • Razor1548Razor1548 Posts: 53
    I really only like the XC these days. If I had it in me to ride more severe things I would love to (I love the videos I see online / DVDs I have brought... and I loved the little bits I tried).

    I asked the local Specialized dealer about servicing costs and how often they think I might need to take it in. Contrary to expectations of shops wanting to bring business their way... the guy just told me to ride it and not worry until I have a problem. I do know the shop well (got my first 'decent' bike there back in 2000)... but this staff member is not someone who knows me.

    I am probably just paranoid... thinking the more there is to go wrong... the more likely it is that it will.

    I think I will give it a few real off road rides this week and then see how it feels.

    Thanks for the advice people! :)
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    You only like xc... You have a superb xc bike... You're worried it's not the right bike?

    Doesn't stack up to me! Ride it and enjoy it.
  • TyperchrisTyperchris Posts: 74
    A little off topic but which insurance are you using as I'm looking to sort new insurance and it's good to hear you have been well looked after

  • Razor1548Razor1548 Posts: 53
    It was Direct Line.

    I didn't have high hopes at all when first contacting them, but they did really surprise me.

    It was just household insurance with no special mention of the bike beforehand.
  • paulboxpaulbox Posts: 1,203
    That is a result, ride it and enjoy it.

    Carbon fibre is much stronger than aluminium but you should be looking after your frame whatever it is made of so just be careful when leaning it against anything.
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  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    Sounds like the ideal (if maybe a little extravagant) bike for you. Keep it, ride it, enjoy it :D
  • road_donutroad_donut Posts: 284
    Cracking bike and a awesome deal ... as above ride and enjoy :D
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