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how much should I sell this for?

goody-agoody-a Posts: 44
edited May 2011 in Road buying advice
Scott Plasma Limited TT frame, forks, immaculate (done approx 250 miles) 54cm top tube medium size.
Dura ace 7800 groupset- done 1000 miles as was on another bike prior, bar end shifters 250miles old.
Bonty xxx tri bars (intergrated) with carbon brake levers
No wheels, cassette, pedals or saddle (keeping all those bits).

I don't enjoy time trialing especially and on the course I do compete on its so hilly a road bike is just as fast. can someone give me a sensible idea on price i could expect and should I split to get a better figure? reason i ask is classified rules say name a price so cant ask for offers.


  • dombo6dombo6 Posts: 580
    I would split it and put the frame and parts separately on ebay. That way you'll get interest from people who just want a pair of h/bars or a DA groupset for example. Perhaps even split the groupset too into its individual components.
    I have always put everything at a start price of 99p to attract interest, even a complete bike that wnet for £130, Marzocchi Bomber mtb suspension forks for £75 and a used LX chainset that went for just £5 less than Evans were selling new in their Sale!
    Put as much detail as you can and don't worry - no-one will "steal" your frame for a quid! The low start price encourages interest and there will be a flurry of bids towards the end.
    Figure on getting around 40-50% of rrp on the frame.
    Also, I don't advise having a reserve price as it can be quite off-putting to potential bidders to see "Reserve Not Met" or "Advertised Elsewhere".
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Yes, I would split and offer parts seperately. 50% of rrp is considered a fair price for used kit, but sometimes people get crazy with their bidding and pay more than new IME.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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