New bike or not?

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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to cycling and am after some views on whether it's worth me getting a new bike, predominently for commuting (30 mile round trip 3 / 4 times a week) and possibly also as a club bike (not that I've joined one yet...).

I've got a Dawes Giro 500 (about 6 years old) with Sora levers, front and rear derailleurs, tektro brakes (no model notation so I'm guessing entry level), some shocking Asson WM-R01 wheels (google doesn't acknowledge their existence and frankly I can see why...), and an Ofmega Vantage front crank / chainring.

In short, it feels pretty heavy, like you're constantly fighting it to get it rolling and I'm thinking if I was to start going out on club runs I'd just find it hard work.

I have a Focus Cayo (2010 version) that I use for sunny days and sportives and by comparison, the Focus accelerates and climbs for fun. I'm not willing to use it for anything other than best, though.

I guess the crux of my question is whether I'd get any benefit replacing my Dawes with something like the Boardman Team ( or Verenti Kilmeston ( or would something in this price range feel just the same as my Dawes?

Thanks in advance.


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    The Verenti would be my choice - from everything I've read, they are very comfortable. Wiggle allow you to try it for 30 days, so you've nothing to lose really.
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    The new Boardman CX range are nice, light and well equipped. They also have disc brakes which are better for commuting and will take guards to keep you dry.
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