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hiya all recently bought a bike to sort my general fitness out as im a long distance lorry driver i sit on my arse all day lol
im from west midlands near the lickey hills
heres what i bought ...hope its half decent i aint got a clue


  • snowden_88
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    You know damn well thats decent
    "it's like a gift, you know? It's like I can't control it"
  • robbie87
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    Pretty shoddy bike, I'll take it off your hands for cheap mate! :lol:
  • Anonymous
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    Loving the wallpaper :D
  • sloweey
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    blame the mrs ...nothing to do with me ...fucking orrible
  • cooldad
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    Spirograph is still a big thing in Lickey Hills
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  • Rich Hcp
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    sloweey wrote:
    blame the mrs ...nothing to do with me ...******* orrible

    I bet she's not that bad really :wink::lol:

    Nice bike, I mean cycle :oops:

    Giving it Large