Flat bar road bike?

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I am a recreational and occational cyclist that has a Giant SCR LTD which is gathering dust because I prefer something with more upright position. I rode a flat-bar road bike recently and was very pleased (read 'comfortable'!). Apart from the handlebars and the cleats, the SCR would be fine. So 3 questions;

1) Does it make sense to 'upgrade' the SCR to meet my needs?

2) Any recommendations on a flat-bar road bike? (sub £800)

3) If I sold my SCR to buy a new flat-bar, any idea what it might fetch?




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    1 - Yes I'm doing that as we speak, converting a Giant Defy to flat bars so it will end up like a Giant Rapid but higher spec, can be done DIY for around £60.

    2 - Giant Rapid / or second hand Giant FCR both are road bikes with flat bars. Or Spesh Sirrus if you want to move away from road bike geometry and be a bit more relaxed.

    3 - If it's in good condition about £150 / £200 at a guess.
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