Peugeot Super Tensile 10-10 Tubing - Late 80's - early 90's

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Any idea's on what Super Tensile 10-10 Tubing is like?

I'm looking at what I'm guessing is a late- 80's, early 90's Peugeot. I presume it's nothing special, but an extensive Google has failed to find out what it is and now I'm all intrigued. For Pugs of this age I'd expect to see Vitus or Reynold on the high end stuff and HLE on the lower end.


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    It sounds suspiciously like generic 'high tensile' steel found on many cheapish bikes of the era (Raleigh 18-23 etc).

    Check if it's butted tubing by tapping it with a fingernail along the tubes. If it's butted the sound will change as you get to the thinner middle section. If you have some vernier calipers you could measure the diameter of the seatpost and the diameter of the seat tube, which will give you an idea of the wall thicknesses. Thinner = made out of stronger (better) tubing.
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    Have a look at what fork-ends they used. They generally used crap fork-ends on crap frames. You might find that it has a race-type unicrown fork in a frame with mudguard eyes at the rear; one of my mates has a Peugeot of that era like that, it's not 531 but otherwise ok'ish. It might also be a parts box special, Peugeot did a few of those as well.
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    Thanks guys.