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2010 Giant Talon 1

thegiantbikerthegiantbiker Posts: 212
edited July 2011 in Your mountain bikes
I bought the Talon last year and have been slowly doing some upgrades.

I'm off to college in September and want to build a singlespeed commuter with some parts off this bike, so there will be lots of upgrades over the next few months.
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  • thegiantbikerthegiantbiker Posts: 212
    Out for a trip

    New saddle; for colour, not comfort :L

    Recon fork, peaty grips




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  • Woo! The big box has arrived from CRC!


    And inside...

    Sunline V1 stem

    Truvativ Holzfeller bars

    A box inside a box!!!

    And inside the box; Formula K18 brakes

    And for a later date; Azonic Outlaw rims

    I only got these because they were heavily discounted, but I don't have spokes and hubs yet.

    The pictures of all this fitted should be up before long; but I need to process them from RAW format.
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  • Right! The parts are now fitted!

    Bars and stem:


    New cockpit:
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  • bonezybonezy Posts: 129
    Very nice! Sensible and good looking upgrades, me likey! Let us know how you get on with the Formulas, they certainly look the part
  • Thanks, I'm trying not to spend a shedload of money, but I'm hoping not to grow too much anymore, so this'll be my last new bike for a long time.

    The Formulas are pretty good; much more powerful than the old ones and loads more modulation. However, as always it's a pain aligning the pads so they don't rub. I'd definitely recommend them, especially if they're still at 109 pounds on CRC.
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  • Right, I've now got some nice black grips to go with my white bars.

    I'm also looking for some hubs at the moment as I bent my front rim a bit in a crash the other day, so I'd like to get the new one on asap.
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  • leafliteleaflite Posts: 1,651
    Re hubs, take a look at
  • leaflite wrote:
    Re hubs, take a look at

    That would have been really helpful, except all their hubs are 32 hole and the new rims I have are 36.
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  • Thanks anyway though.
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  • Those look good. I'll order those once the front one comes in stock in black.

    Thank you.
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  • Just a small update:

    New black grips (Lizard Skins Charger) that look good with my white bars (unlike of the white ones).

    Also, the frame for the commuter bike has now come through. Not sure whether I'll go singlespeed or 1x9 though but I'll make a thread on here once I start building.
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  • Quick update... New quick-releases, as the old ones decided they wanted to be slow-releases (i.e. slowly releasing the wheel over the duration of a ride).


    I should be ordering some new bits for it soon (once I've double/triple measured everything). Mainly boring drivetrain stuff and bits to put on the commuter bike (although SLX cranks should add some bling)
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  • New SLX cranks and cassette are now fitted. Amazed at how light it all is; the crankset, chainrings & bb are altogether lighter than the old bb alone.

    I'm planning to sort the new chain and shifters tomorrow as well as sorting stuff on the commuters bike which I'll make a thread for soon.

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  • Yay more photos!


    Slx shifters with windows removed (brakes inboard)

    Ooh, shiny
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