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  • SimonAHSimonAH Posts: 3,730
    What a bunch of up their own 'arris tossers.


    (won't somebody think of the children?) who weren't there.
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  • graham.graham. Posts: 862
    Its a human body. We've all got one, (Even school kids.)
    If he was riding a bike what would you be able to see anyway? Unless he was hung like a Hoover!
    Graham. :D
  • optimisticbikeroptimisticbiker Posts: 1,657
    SimonAH wrote:
    What a bunch of up their own 'arris tossers.


    (won't somebody think of the children?) who weren't there.
    A view generally accepted by most of the people who have commented on the original story... The outcome was totally out of proportion to the 'crime'. There are some really sad, repressed, people in this world... :(
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  • EKE_38BPMEKE_38BPM Posts: 5,821
    haha... well done Mr Purser, You managed to breath some much needed life into a particularly dull little village... Although the wingers and whiners quoted are right, you should be setting a good example to the kids... next time you cycle naked through Acton please wear a cycle helmet!

    I knew someone had to bring that up, but the first comment! Tongue firmly in cheek though.
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  • thelawnetthelawnet Posts: 719
    £500 fine and an 18-month conditional discharge? Isn't that a stiffer sentence than you get for killing cyclists?
  • ConfusedboyConfusedboy Posts: 287
    Please can we not use terms like 'discharge' or 'stiffer' on this thread..... It does seem a bit of a harsh judgements from the local magistrates, but if he caused offence, and from the fact that people rung the police to make complaints it looks like he did, then they have to take action I suppose.

    I am doing Cardiff's NBR in a few weeks, an event where nakedness on bikes is escorted by the police, and which makes the reaction to this incident even wierder.
  • cornerblockcornerblock Posts: 3,228
    Does seem a bit of an over the top reaction, sticking him on the register too! :wink:
  • kurakokurako Posts: 1,098
    What a bunch of tools!
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