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Cycling is one jealous mistress

the ferrythe ferry Posts: 258
edited May 2011 in The bottom bracket
Back and keen again after two years of not much cycling. Considering that in that two years i've been training for a marathon, doing long mountain walks and swimming regularly it's been a surprise at how un bikefit i am.
My time in the local TT's have left me angry, embarrassed and confused.
Anyone know how long it takes to get your old legs back?


  • benjboybenjboy Posts: 258
    Years and years and years :twisted: . Been out of biking for about 10 years then got into it again. Then thought hey lets do some 10 mile tt, trained for over a winter then did a lot of tt training for about 6-8 weeks then BANG. 22.53 for a 10,But a hell of a lot of pain to get there .Use your experiance to get you back there...It will come :twisted: Oh and hurt...
    Keep the chain tight all the way.
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