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Awesome video...

chadders81chadders81 Posts: 744
edited May 2011 in Commuting chat
Apologies if you've seen this on the Guardian website.

I would love to see some races when the roads are closed for the Sky Ride.

That would make it a lot more worthwhile.


  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    Made me think of this..
  • SimonAHSimonAH Posts: 3,730
    Oh that film was absolutely wonderful! Vintage loveliness.
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  • chadders81chadders81 Posts: 744
    Most of these streets are pedestrianised now but I would love to see something like this again in Brum.

    Reckon it would inspire a lot of people to start cycling if they held it along with the Sky Ride.
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