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Cycling Buddy in my local area? Putney, Wimbledon, Morden.

DavidDecoratorDavidDecorator Posts: 2
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I am hoping that there will be at least one non-competitive cycling buddy out there near to the Morden, Wimbledon/ Putney areas between 30 &40, who simply wants to improve their fitness and won't treat every cycling trip as a race that must be won.
Someone who is not competitive but would treat cycling as a friendly leisure activity and go on the odd weekend away cycling. Who is of a friendly disposition & not averse to stopping off for a pub lunch, a picnic (weather permitting) or coffee on trips for intelligent conversations.
I'm just trying to get fit so your age, sex, and orientation race are unimportant but I would prefer someone over the age of 30.
At the moment I only cycle to and from work on my 13 year old Mountain Bike.
If you are trying to get fit too and would like to turn regular cycle rides into a friendship then please reply. :?: :P

I am based in Morden. I work full time sometimes seven days a week so when I say occasional I mean occasional.
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