What to use for L2B

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I am about to embark on my first long cycle ride sportive kind of thing. I know that the London to Brighton is not a sportive per say, as there is not timings, etc, but it is my first time in an organised ride at least
With the other 3 people in my team we are considering the likely possibility of punctures, and are planning on taking two spare inners per bike.
However, we are not quite sure on the best method to inflate the inners should they be called for.
I currently have one of those portable pumps, but they take for ever and get to about 40-50psi, 60 if I eat spinach the night before (it is quite a cheap one admittedly).
I have also seen that there are co2 canisters, which caught my eye as they are light and quick to use. Does anyone have any experience with these? In particular how easy is it judge the air coming out (we have two road bikes and two hybrids, so need different pressures).
Also how many wheels will a 16g canister fill (I know this is approximately, but just to have an idea)
Any other tips and trick on organised rides will be appreciated as well.
Thanks, and sorry for length explanation


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    I use CO2 cannisters, but they are only really any good for one puncture per cannister.
    In November last year (off road on an MTB) two of us had 6 punctures in 12 miles. Needless to say I was greatful to two CO2 cannisters, two spare tubes and a pump!

    I also had an issue two weeks ago when a cannister lost all its gas when I connected it carelessly to its regulator. Thankfully another rider with a pump stopped.

    I will still stick with them for convenience, but usually take a mini pump too on longer rides, just in case.

    Also, the last time I did L2B, I started late and wished I had taken some walking boots there were too many riders in places and walking was the only option!
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    I was aware of the congestion problem, I asked for 8am start (I live in Oxford, and as much as I would have liked to start at 6, my team mates would have killed me!!!!!)
    However, I have speedplay shoes, should I not bother with cycling shoes at all? they aren't exactly what I would call comfortable for long treks
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    I agree with MarcBC, the selection should be: Mini pump or CO2 AND mini pump