Sram Apex or Shimano 105????

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i am getting a new road bike :D, but not sure which groupset to go with?!
same bike and same price
Sram Apex or Shimano 105?


  • styxd
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    sram rival
  • tom22
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    i would but due to limited budget and that the bikes are only available with those two options
  • tenor
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    if you need a 32 sprocket get Apex.
    If 28 is enough, get 105
    If you are worried about weight choose Apex
    If you don't mind the additional 200g or so, get 105.

    Beyond that, choose whatever you think the better looking.
  • night_porter
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    I use Sram and Shimano on different bikes and apart from how you change gear the only difference you will notice when riding is hand comfort on the hoods.

    Test ride 2 bikes with the different levers and see which you feel more comfortable on?

    Sram seems to fit my hands better but it only really matters for the first 5 minutes of riding then I just forget about gears and ride.

    They both work brilliantly!

    Would I seek out a bike just because it had Sram? nope!
  • rwm1000
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    Slight Hijack - sorry!

    What would people take if they were presented with 105 5600 or an Apex groupset.
    Just trying to decide before I hit buy on Merlin, both are 315 at the moment..
  • Bar Shaker
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    The old style 105 left shifters have had their share of problems so be mindful of that if buying 5600.
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  • thel33ter
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    I'd go Sram, I much prefer it. Says someone who has Shimano on all his bikes :roll:
    And now you know, and knowing is half the battle
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  • mrwibble
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    double tap is the way to go, SRAM everytime, is it a specialized by the way?
  • rwm1000
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    i'm buying for a specialized, why would that be?
  • tom22
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    nah, a rose pro-sl 2000 (105) or the 2200 (apex)
  • night_porter
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    So both bikes are EXACTLY the same even down to the same paint job but with different groupsets and model number.

    In this instance I would say buy the Sram one but only for my comfort reasons as above.
  • StillGoing
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    You have to try them. Personally SRAM for me and the only thing I'd change it for would be Di2..
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  • teulk
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    I have shimano and SRAM Apex on my two road bikes. I personally prefer the Apex, not because i have a 11-32 but because i really like the shifters over the Shimano. I also think the SRAM are smoother.
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  • warrior4life
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    I have sram and shimano on my bikes

    Sram works as well, costs less and is lighter and so for those reasons it wins for me