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I am asking because of a poor experience with them in the last few days, Money was debited from my account for goods and nothing received for ten days. When I rang them to enquire, I noticed that the web site did not supply any information about the company address etc.

Also concerned because the operator who answered my call asked which company I had used.

Was informed that item not in stock (so why advertise it for sale?) and refund given OK.

Re-ordered the same item from another company immediately, and when the email confirmation was received, it looked remarkably like the one from Wheelies a few days previously.

Anyone else used the company, and if so how did you get on?


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    they are a legitimate company, many insurers use them for fulfillment of claims

    other than when i had an insurance claim haven't had any dealings with them, but i wasn't happy about their ability to handle the claim so i told my insurer this and they gave me the cash instead
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