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It's that time of year when I need to buy some new tyres. My last pair were Schwalbe Ultremo Evolution. They are very nice but got lots of holes and a few splits. THey do stick well in the heat though and work well, a part from the nicks and bumps.

So can anyone recommend a good summer tyre? Maybe something similar to the Schwalbe Ultremo Evolution but something for long day rides and lots of them, rather than short rides or race days?


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    Buy according to online special offers :) !
    I picked up some Mich Pros Race 3 <£25 each, very nice tyre very supple and responsive but reported to wear quite quick ly and prone to cuts; BUT mine still looking good after 400 miles, just one small cut in tread
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    You could try a pair of michelin krylion carbon tyres.


    I've used them in the past and I currentlly have a pair on my summer bike at the moment, absolutely love them. I'm waiting for the Continental Gatorskins on my commuting bike to wear out so I can replace them with a spare pair of the michelin krylions that I have.
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    michelin krylion carbon tyres; these get great reviews, not my first option but others on this forum rave about them.
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    Yes would agree too with Krylions, great tyre very hard wearing but not as nice a ride I`ve found as teh Pro3 Races which are fast and very grippy :)

    You takes yer choice.....always will be a compromise soemwhere
  • Been running Krylions on my day to day bike for a couple of years, as others have said tough and durable (last 3k) and don't really cut up much but the ride is not particularly nice, do the job they are asked of well. On a side note I am just about to replace mine with Vittoria Rubino Pro III's just because I managed to get a pair for the price of one Krylion.

    Personally on my all day long ride bike - Continental GP4000's, better ride and grip, decent mileage while still not cutting up like Michelin Pro Race 3's etc.
  • I use Vredestein Fiammante DuoComp Road Tyres, hard wearing, not uber fast though not slow, but reliable which for my rides matters.

    Bike tart Red and Black friendly also! 8)
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    I'm in the same position. Currently have Schwalbe Ultremo R1 on my best bike but off to the Alps in a couple of weeks. I just found a small hole in the sidewall after only a few hundred miles, so would like something a little bit more robust for when I'm hurling myself down some mountain-side.

    Wiggle have 20% off tyres until the end of today.
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    How do the Michelin's compare to the GP4000S and Schwalbe ZX HD for year-round riding?

    When I finally get my bike they'll have Schwalbe ZX's (not HD) on them and want to know if I can avoid spending an extra £50 on tyres that won't try to murder death kill me when I turn them into a corner .
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    I use both the GP4000s and the Kryllions all year round and as others have said, the Kryllions are very durable, roll well, last for ever and grip ok in all weathers whereas the GP4000s are simply a nicer "ride". They do also grip well in all weathers and are fairly p** resistent (not as much as the Kryllions, IME) but do cut up more.

    The GP4000s do cost 50% more than the Kryllions which is another factor.

    I use the GP4000s on my nice retro bike (which doesn't do as many miles) and I always end up smiling.
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    GP4000s still going strong after 1500 miles and not a single p******e!
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    If you're wanting them for all-day rides then expect comfort is a factor, therefore a 25mm tyre should be top of your list - will make far more difference then any particular brand of lightweight tyre or another.
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