M540 float?

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As the title says, do Shimano M540 pedals have any float, if so how much. Can't seem to find any information on the Shimano website.


  • Bobbinogs
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    Definitely. Pretty much the same amount of wiggle as M520 but not sure what percentage that is

    There is not that much difference but the M540's just feel a bit smoother and better quality, imo. Worth the extra few quid over M520 but only when it is time to buy again (as opposed to "upgrade").
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    OK, just picked the M540's as an example, looking for something to put on a road bike to take on holiday so I can walk about a bit. But when you say "wiggle", your not talking the same sort of float you'd get with something like a Time or Speedplay road pedal?
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    they have 5 degrees.
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  • greasedscotsman
    greasedscotsman Posts: 6,962
    nicklouse wrote:
    they have 5 degrees.