Shoes and old used bikes

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Two questions....

1) Anyone know of some cycling shoes which have grippy soles? I currently ride in running shoes because I use flats and they give me loads of grip on the metal pedals. I have some Shimano shoes but the sole provides zero purchase on the pedal. Think I need something with a softer material on the bottom to hold on to the pedal but haven't had much luck finding it yet.

2) I want to buy an old junker for pootling around town without fear of theft. Any major problem areas I need to look out for on old steel road bikes?


  • kieranb
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    shoes aimed at the BMX and skateboarding market should give good grip - I find ordinary converse are ok as well.
  • secretsam
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    Re-old steelies: apart from the tin worm, look out for bent frames - check the alignment, look for ripples, etc

    And remember that cheap, cr*p steel is just as rubbish as cheap, cr*p alu - everyone these days seem to be riding round on old Peugeots and Raleighs that when they were new were shunned by 'real' cyclists 'cos they were made out of plumbing pipes

    It's just a hill. Get over it.