Apollo Vortice - Worth Developing/Modifying?

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Hi Guys,

I bought a Apollo Vortice 'urban' mountain bike last year (http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_762389_langId_-1_categoryId_165499) through my work's C2W scheme. This is now redundent due to my recent purchase of a cannondale road bike.

I'm thinking of making some use of the bike and taking up some weekend mountain biking and wondered whether you thought this bike would be a good base to start building mountain bike? If so what do you recommend I upgrade?

My first initial thought would be to upgrade the fork, anyone have any suggestions to a good starter fork.?


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    personally I wouldn't but it's really up to you
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    For fire roads and tow paths it would proably be fine as is. For anything else I would consider buying new (Carrera from Halfords are good deals) or looking second hand.
    Decent forks would cost more than the bike did originally, and ugrades are rarely cost effective.
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    If i was you, i wouldnt. Keep that for general pottering about, commuting (maybe) and riding to the pub.

    The money that you'd use to upgrade it, save it, save some more, then buy a half decent mountain bike ready to go - there's some good second hand deals to be had so long as you're careful.

    Upgrading cheap bikes often turns into an expensive affair which just leaves you with a polished turd.