Which bike for tall rider- are Rose any good?

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Hi folks,
I am looking for my first road bike, I am 6'7 I have around £1900 to spend including pedals and shoes.

I have seen Rose make large road bikes and the carbon pro rs 3000 seems a good contender, it has a full ultegra components with carbon frame. It's retailing for 1700 and this is 300 cheaper than it's it's trek and specialised rivals.

Does anyone own a Rose road bike?
Are there other manuf who make large frames?
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  • PeterBL
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    I haven't tried a Rose bike, but heard good about them. Used the shop several times, and always top service.

    I thought Trek bikes were rather big? Maybe Canyon? Remember to look at the geometry and not just the size.

    One of the biggest bikes I have seen is the Gunnar Sport. Being made in the US, I'm not sure if it is easy to find or cheap enough to buy in the UK.
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    Why not go to a British framebuilder and have a steel frame built made to measure for you?
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  • I have a Rose Pro-SL 2000 but I'm not tall. Any questions just ask.
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    Cannondale do a 63cm frame to suit sizes 6'3" - 6'6" Or go for a Van Nicholas custom titanium for about £1200
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    Hi there I'm also 6ft7 and currently ride a 63cm... I heard about Canyon bikes, online you put in your measurements into their frame calculator and they tell you what frame they think is best for you. Their frames go up to a 66cm!! and their bikes are VERY well specced for the money, full Ultegra and a 66cm for £1,389... they get very good reviews too.


    Good luck with yourbike hunt, I'm in the exact same position but have £1k on the cycle to work scheme and canyon bikes arnt covered by the halfords scheme unfortunately :(

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    cadseen wrote:
    Very Tall riders break frames more often. Most important to go with frame/company that cover this. Someone like Specialized or Cannondale have good replacement policies.

    Never had a frame brake on me and i raced for 20 years. Vitus Duralinox, Colnago Mexico,Colnago Master,Ciocc and Now a Colnago EPS. Seen a few broken frames and all shapes and sizes. Bit of scaremongering that statement.