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Genesis Core 30

CFSCFS Posts: 124
edited May 2011 in Your mountain bikes
My new bike, not seen too many on here so I thought I'd put it up.


Shot by both sides...


  • Tidy, thats a nice colour!
  • Si1988Si1988 Posts: 158
    Nice bike you got there, wouldnt have killed them to chuck some black cranks on it though, think they'd finish off the monotone frame + stealth kit look to the T.
  • Adam_DT3Adam_DT3 Posts: 52
    nice! I had the 2010 model (till someone stole it) and loved it. The recon shocks on this years model are much better than the toras the core 30 used to come with. One thing I found (personally) that the grips were a bit naff so upgraded those pretty quickly.
  • CFSCFS Posts: 124
    Thanks. The grips might get swapped for some Sunline waffles, changed the stock seat for a WTB.

    Got to say not totally convinced about the Mountain Kings but the trails are pretty loose in places round here now so maybe it's that.
    Shot by both sides...
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