Does anyone use....

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Does anyone use a camelback while out on a road ride? And if so, can you recommend one?

Thats all really.

Thanks :)


  • ShutUpLegs
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    Try posting in the MTB section
  • nickyhoward55
    nickyhoward55 Posts: 148
    i know there popular with MTB riders, used to use one myself. I was wondering if road riders use them. Hence the reason the post is placed here.
  • DaveHudson
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    I have a Blowfish that I use on the commute twice a week (beginning to take work clothes, end to bring them back) and use the bladder on those days. All other rides I just use bottles.

    I'm more comfortable without the weight on my back and find it easy enough to grab a bottle from the cage without ending up on my back in a ditch. :D
  • ThatBikeGuy
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    I use a camelbak water bottle...? Or did you mean the hydration packs that you wear...
    I have two bottle cages, i feel that is ample and wearing a bag full of water on my back all day doesn't really appeal, i would much rather just refill my bottles if i was going on a longer ride.
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    well, frank schleck uses one, he counts as road, not sure which model though ... melbak-use
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