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Hi peeps, just wondering if many of you have insurance for your bikes, and if so, what type of cover can be offered and which companies do you recommend, did a on-line quote the other day just to get a rough idea of what the premium would cost (£141 per year full cover) for £1600 bike, but since then I have not got any other quotes, look forward to hearing your advice, cheers PIKEO :D


  • You should just be abl;e to get it on your house contents insurance as an extra. Just tell them how much its worth and it adds a bit on your house insurance.
  • If it adds too much to the price of house insurance, M&S insure items up to the value of £4k and most people on here would recommend them.

    My last insurance company wouldn't touch my £1700 bike so switched
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    Home insurance is the way to go provided they do not rip you off and don't have a stupidly low limit. I have mine covered for a couple of quid a month extra.
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    Do it on the house insurance mate, i got my £1500 bike insured all across europe for an extra £7 a year with direct line.
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    Many will say that the cheapest way to get your bike covered is under your house insurance. That won't cover you for wiping out a dog walker (or his dog) who decides to contact etc.

    We've got two bikes (totalling £1300 value) insured for £67 a year with It's a very comprehensive policy.

    I've heard you can take out a separate third party policy with CTC. That coupled with the house insurance route might be the way to go. It's something to certainly consider.
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  • as miggins said.....

    it depends what your looking for generic thieving bar stewards i would just do it on the house insurance but if you want public liability you will most likely want some sort of seperate policy.

    or a 9mm to clean up any disputes so to speak ;)
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    £25 I think for British cycling membership gives you £10,000,000 of third party cover in case of you ploughing into someone. Also you get their legal support if you're involved in a claim against someone else.

    As for insurance against the bike being stolen, add it on your household insurance, unless you're in a shared house/student accommodation or something like that.

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    What bails said, third party insurance such as British Cycling or CTC + slight increase on house insurance premium = less than buying bike specific insurance.

    Infact, Quidco are currently giving £12 cashback for taking out annual membership with British cycling which costs £24 ;)