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I'm new to buying bikes, hence why I'm looking for help on this website! I want a hybrid bike that I can use for travelling to work and leisure, mainly on road, and sometimes maybe on a country path, but nothing too off-road.

I have found two bikes and I'm struggling to work out which is better:

The first is from Halfords (a big bike retailer), the Carrera Subway Limited Edition Mens Hybrid Bike - 18". It is being sold at £280, reduced from £450. ... 65534#dtab

The second is a Ridgeback Rapide Motion. Sold at £270.

The Ridgeback bike I have found at an independent retailer. The guy that works there says that big retailers (Halfords) sometimes say a bike is reduced from a larger price when actually it's not, and so it might not be worth the £450 they say it is.

What I want to know is this - is the Carrera bike actually worth £180 more than the Ridgeback? I notice that it has disk brakes, which i understand are more expensive, but what else makes it so much dearer?

Any help would be much appreciated!



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    Might be worth reposting in the commuter section?