Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack

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Hi all.

Can anyone confirm that this can be fitted without significantly obscuring the lights/reg plate?

I have a typical hatchback (Peugeot 307).

Does it hold the bikes up quite high?

Dont want to get pulled over by the police!

Is it easy to fit (& take off once "on scene" for safe keeping in the boot)?

Finally, they dont do a single bike one, so can I use the 2-bike one for just one bike without any probs?

Any tips from people who have one?

Do I need any extra ties?

So many questions!



  • MikeWW
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    I've got one
    It sits pretty high
    Very easy to put on and take off once you have done the initial set up
    Use it for one bike no problem
    No extras needed

    I'm very impressed with it and it is very solid. Only drawback (possibly) is that you don't need to open the boot/hatch to fit or take off so you might want to put it in the cat when its left unattended
  • howieduck
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    They do a single bike one now though.
    In battleship grey.
    Selling like hotcakes in the LBS. Marketed as 'bought a bike..... Now you can get it home!'