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Panniers on Specialized Allez Sport (with no mounting point)

tenoritenori Posts: 9
edited May 2011 in Tour & expedition
[Update: sorry, just realised this should be in the Road buying advice forum instead. If a moderator could move it for me that would be great!]

hey folks,

I have a Specialized Allez Sport (2008, I think) and am only belatedly realizing that it has no mounting points whatsoever for a pannier rack. I've had a look around and options seem to be:

- saddle post mounted (like this one: ... de-frame-1)
- axle mounted (like this one: ... Racks.html - though no idea if I can get them in the UK)

However, I've also read that because of the "compact" design of the frame, my feet are likely to hit the pannier bags when I'm cycling anyway.

Just curious if anyone else has managed to sort this - or whether anyone had any suggestions. Kicking myself for not spotting it when I bought it a few years back, but I just didn't think to ask...




  • GyatsoLaGyatsoLa Posts: 667
    Axle mounted racks are far better than post mounted ones. A friend of mine used my oldmanmountain rear rack on her Specialized Allez Dolce (a very small frame size). She had no problems whatever with heel clearance, the rack is quite large so its possible to set the panniers quite far back if necessary. You might need to use p-clips for mounting on the seatstays.
  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    Look at the "Way of the Roses First cycle Tour " thread on here should still be on the first page or maybe 2 nd now. Original poster was debating using Spesh Allez or MTB.

    I put him on to a poster called iPETE Who put some pictures up of his Spesch Allez kitted out for touring. He had some really neat soloutions.

    He put pictures on the Thread and also PM'D the original poster with pictures and info.

    I m sure if you look at the original post or even PM iPete he would be willing to give

    you some advise (Sorry IPETE people are going to start thinking I m your PR)
  • EnglishChrisEnglishChris Posts: 210
    tenori wrote:
    - axle mounted (like this one: ... Racks.html - though no idea if I can get them in the UK)

    You can get OMM racks in the UK from Carradice. I've just bought the Sherpa front and Ultimate Lowrider for my On-One Inbred, which I'll attach through the axle and using v-brake mounts. I've not seen a bad review of OMM stuff even tho its aluminium rather than steel.

    John at OMM replied to my emails promptly with questions on sizing and Carradice were also very prompt and helpful.
    Offroad: Canyon Nerve XC8 (2012)
    Touring / Commuting: On-One Inbred (2011)(FCN9)
  • jp1985jp1985 Posts: 434
    Hi Tenori

    I toured round france on a specialised allez a few years ago.

    I managed to attach rear panniers using p clips at the bottom of the seat stays and a seat post collar with an integrated braze on to attach racks.

    With the panniers as far back on the rack as they would go i was just about ok for heel clearance, i kicked a pannier off once or twice, but only when i forgot to fit them in the right position.

    Completed the four week tour with no problems. My wheels (mavix ksyrium equipe) did die a few months after i got back but im 100kg + panniers and theyre low end race wheels not touring wheels.

    There are better ways to tour but its possible.

  • mz__jomz__jo Posts: 398
    I have size 47 feet. I can't fit panniers on the back of a tourer without heel problems unless all the weight is behind the rear axle, which I won't accept. Carradice SQR and Camper saddlebag at the back for me and panniers up front (OMM do a front axle fitting rack as well).
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