Potential news article??


I'm new on here so forgive me if I'm in the wrong place but I'm hoping the subject title will attract a few viewers with advice/opinion or at least a reply that this is not an area likely to be covered on the site. (I can't see a "contact us" link)

Yesterday, whilst taking part in a Canix event at Cheltenham Race Course, I came across a fantastic piece of kit (In my opinion) that might be worthy of a mention, story, review..
- It's called a "Mountain Trike". http://www.mountaintrike.co.uk/
It's a wheelchair with all sorts of mountain bike kit including 3 roc shocks and juicy three brakes. I don't think it's a mountain beater unless you are very brave but off road to forest track I believe it'll cope up to and beyond the point the riders nerves give in.

Please let me add, I have no vested interest in this product, and there may be other variant types for the job. I'm just sure there must be people out there that want to get outdoors, who read and enjoy this site but for many reasons are unable to use a cycle.

Might be a nice alternative news item??

Kind Regards