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fielonatorfielonator Posts: 100
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I'm off on my honeymoon to kuala lumpur and then borneo in a couple of weeks. We're doing some jungle trekking and will need some suitable shoes/clothing. Can you get all that stuff over there and if so will it be any cheaper? I want quality stuff I can use when back home too so is it worth trying to save money or should I just take stuff with me?

It'd be pretty cool to take virtually nothing and get everything there. Any thoughts would be very welcome.


  • allen.coulsonallen.coulson Posts: 424
    You might get it there but I bet your size will not be commonly stocked. You'll also spend forever finding where to get it and travelling round KL can be tedious. Borneo / Kalimantan - no chance.

    Take it all and 50% Diethyltoluamide (DEET) ! Take cheap stuff and leave it there.
  • fielonatorfielonator Posts: 100
  • allen.coulsonallen.coulson Posts: 424
    Active ingredient in some insect repellents - it is more effective and if you are in a jungle environment then the others will not cope. It is a solvent though and once you have put it on and it is still wet then don't touch plastic, - glasses, watch face, bike....
  • desmosedicidesmosedici Posts: 117
    There are a few Outdoor outfitters where you can get everything you need. Not sure whether you would make any savings over the price difference, but what you get in UK, you can get here.

    Drop me a note in PM as to your dates/contact details and I'll bring you around.
  • Mojo_666Mojo_666 Posts: 860
    Get your gear over here, you will spend ages looking around the fake shops at the fake malls for the right gear only to have it fall apart on you.

    Save your Malaysia shopping for DVD's of the latest unreleased movies which may or may not be blank.

    IF you do go shopping in KL do it in the mall under the Petronas Towers, that stuff appeared to be 100% legit.
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