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Anybody have experience on this outfit?

I have ordered two items at the same time from off the website at the begining of May, at which point they've taken the cash.

I only received one of the items this week along with a receipt for the goods, showing that the other item is to follow but shows I've not paid for it when I have had - strange

Anyway, I've phoned this place numerous times since order placement and have only got through twice to a human rather than the answer machine, I've sent emails that must disappear into the what about their service?

The latest phone conversation resulted in the second item being delivered next week to the shop, but if I've not received anything I should phone them back on Thursday!!

Anyone else dealt with this company - come on, have your say here and tell the world
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    yip...bought a fair bit from them....

    there was another thread on here a while back.....its owned and run by one the very least, he seems to be quite good at admitting when hes got it wrong....

    give them another phone
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    Bought a bike from them (him) several months back. It was heavily discounted, and I was allowed to purchase at 0% finance. From first contact with David (the guy who owns/runs the shop) I think it was approximately 2 weeks before I received my bike, I'd say around 8 of them were down to a back and forth to secure the finance. Once documantation was confirmed at my end I figured I'd ring to confirm dispatch... two days and countless calls later I got through, He happily changed delivery address to work so i could receive it, and the bike was on it's way that afternoon, next day I got to work and it was there.

    As said before, it's pretty much a one-man show, and he's a good man at that. He fixes his mistakes, no bull involved. He apologised for my wait then made sure the bike was with me by the weekend, probably at personal expense. I think maybe he's bitten off more than he can chew though... I'd buy again, but only after a phonecall to confirm the product is on-site and ready to go.