aero frame advice- cervelo soloist?

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Hi everyone
I am a keen road rider of reasonable ability, I ride local time trials on a hilly course that's 10.5 miles and about 3 minutes slower than a dragstrip of the same length. Best time is 26.20 on this course.
I currently have a time trial frame I don't get on with, due to the hilly nature of the course (50% is uphill, there is literally no true flat) I spent a lot of time off the aero extensions anyway, and riding my non aero road bike (Colnago EPS) on the same course with the same wheels I'm no slower.
I'm not a big fan of testing, I do it to get speed into my legs for events I really enjoy, such as local road races and events such as paris-roubaix randonee, and am thinking that due to the nature of the course I might be better off with selling my second road bike (not the eps) and tt bike and buying an aero road frame plus bits in place.
My questions are as follows: do people who have bought aero frames find them any faster? Whilst I am not a massive fan of the brand it seems Cervelo aero frames have the reputation as the most aerodynamic- is this a fair comment? Thirdly, is there a massive difference between the S2 and S3 apart from price?
Before anyone suggests buying a P3 as I said I'm not a massive fan of testing, only compete on a local course and I don't think it would get enough use- I would use an aero road bike for road races also.


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    They are faster, but how much?, how longs a piece of string.

    As for the most aerodynamic frame, P3 and Pinarello Graal are very aero, also the Spesh Transition and Scott Plasma.

    The most aero frame in the world won't make you fast, its still 99% the engine (you)
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    Sorry dan, but they are TT frames!
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    Just stick some drops on them!!!