Are My (New) Tyres Damaged?... Photo-post

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Hi all,

Supplied tyres, 3m old (400 miles on them).

Not sure if the "wear line" was caused by poorly positioned brakes, or if this represents natural wear.

I cannot "open" the crack by pressing/pulling, and there is no "canvas" showing. Tyres hold pressure perfectly & run fine.

Do I need to buy a new set? (more than happy to as I love the excuse to spend money on my bike!!)

Have now perfectly re-set the brake pad position so they are well away from the rubber.


(it's the slightly ragged looking line, not the smooth manufactured looking one)




  • sungod
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    if the woven casing is untouched then it's just cosmetic, but if there's any sign of the casing being cut/worn at any point i'd bin it
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  • Berk Bonebonce
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    Is the tyre width compatabile with the rims? Some rims carry max/min tyre width limits. With others it is a case of putting the name of the rim into the internet and looking.

    The tyre could be too narrow for the rim.
  • Secteur
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    Good thought and piece of advice, but these are the manufacturer supplied tyres & rims, so I assume they are ok
  • DaveHudson
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    Yes they are horrifically dangerous, you are risking killing puppes & small children. Change them immediately!!

    (That's what you wanted to hear, Right? :wink: )
  • Secteur
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    Well, I wouldn't mind an excuse to spend MORE money on my baby!!!!

  • Phill Thom
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    I have exactly the same on my Ultremo ZX.. Very strange.
  • Dmak
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    Sounds like nothing is going to stop you replacing this tyre!

    Don't kill the puppies!