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I've only been cycling since February but I bit the bullet last month and bought the Experience Veloce in white. Still waiting on the bike to come back in stock (told mid May, now being told end of May, sigh).

I've read the cycling weekly review and was sold however reading the cycling plus review has me slightly thrown. Cycling weekly describes the bike "a smooth ride that feels smoother the faster it goes". The cycling plus review is completely contradictory "The aluminium frame does transmit a fair amount of road buzz through though".

I really cant understand how two different reviewers can have such a polarized view about the ride of a bike! Am I reading into things too much and should just taking what the reviewers say with a pinch of salt? I'm sure I'll love the bike whatever but it does make me question what I read a little.


  • Freeza
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    Is this the 2010 version that you've bought?

    If so I bought one last year and could certainly give you a 3rd viewpoint of the bike if you want.
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    several shovels of salt would be more like it, i wouldn't put much faith in most reviews in the british cycling press

    some publish 'reviews' that are obvious rewrites of the manufacturer's blurb, i.e. they 'reviewed' by reading the marketing materials, others appear to have done more, but it's often just a veneer, there's little depth and masses of padding

    fwiw i'd rate cw way above c+ for reliability

    if you enjoy the bike, it's good
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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    It's a good aluminium frame for the money. It's never going to set the world alight, but it's not going to ve in any way bad either.

    Don't read too much into the reviews. Just get yer bike and enjoy riding on it.
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    It's an Italian bike draped in Italian components, what's not to like!

    Await it's arrival with escalating impatience and anticipation. You'll ride it for the first time and be blown away by it's willingness to push you forward at ever increasing speeds.

    Ride and enjoy.