Anyone near Insch, Aberdeenshire ?

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Moved up recently and looking for riding buddies in or around Insch in Aberdeenshire.
My cycling has taken a serious dent recently, due to injury and weather during the Winter and I am desperate to get out and a cycling partner dragging you out is always a good way to encourage each other.
I regularly ride 25-40 miles on road and occasionally longer and 10-25 on MTB but have not done anything like as much recently.
Someone save me from the biscuit tin !!!
Anyone on here near me ??
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  • Miggins
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    Just moved to Insch. Haven't really checked out the local area for riding yet although Gartly Moor's supposed to be ok and the Moray Monster Trails are only about 45mins up the A96; they're worth a blast if you haven't been already.
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