New bike chosen - what a palaver!!

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I while back I posted asking opinions on the Bianchi Via Nirone as it was possibly going to be my new steed.

However, heads were turned when looking at other potential marques and especially with the Focus Cayo 105 for under a grand.

However, it has come down to these 3 - the Focus, Bianchi VN and the Orbea Aqua T105.

I've gone for the Orbea. Simply because for the money it has a cracking (imo) set up, is value for money and above all - it feels right (actually that last bit could be a bit inconclusive as no one near me has the Focus Cayo in stock to try so that is another reason that it falls flat - and the fact it would have to go back to Wiggle if any probs arose).

Roll on August when the bonus rolls in to my account. Some of it spent already.