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Any noobs been t dalby forest or know of trails around York?

paul the 6thpaul the 6th Posts: 33
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brand new to the forum & still settling into MTB'ing in general but full on loving it now. Riding a spesh hardrock sport disc (2009) which I bought at the start of last year in the sales and then did nowt with through a bit of a turbulent year social wise..

Now though I'm engaged and trying to get back on top of my fitness via the gym and MTB'ing. Knocked out 26 miles last week (4 x 6.6 mile rides all around 30-40 mins) and today I've decided to cycle the 5 miles each way to drop off & pick up my VW Camper (T4) at the garage in York..

Now I've found where I'm at in terms of stamina/fitness I'm really itching to get upto dalby forest and give some of the trails a try (long green or yellow route?). Only thing is I'm not 100% about doing it on my own. The missus said she might be interested to give the family trail a try with me one day if she can hire a bike I wanna do something a bit more challenging and exciting than that.

Just wondered if there's anyone else out there who's in a similar situation and looking for a riding buddy who isn't going to feel like they're being slowed down/putting pressure on to try big drops or tricky jumps etc.

Also, if there's anyone who can recommend some trails around the York area it'd make a nice break from my usual 6.6 mile ride which is about 60% roads and 40% riverside cycle path..

Ta! Paul w


  • Royal DragoonRoyal Dragoon Posts: 270
    You could have a look at this site, they often have riders "doing" Dalby, or are always keen to ride there plus many other locations across the N.Y. Moors.

    Check out the "Organise A Ride" section.

    Also have a look at this link and scroll down the page, lots of routes around the York area to choose from. ... es-93.html

  • mattrgeemattrgee Posts: 157
    The good thing about Dalby Forest is that its split up into sections, 4 in total if I remember correctly. If you are unsure of your fitness level or just want to have a blast without committing to hours of riding then Dalby is a good option. It's also very well waymarked which makes it easier if its your first visit.
  • pete80pete80 Posts: 69
    Hi Paul I'm also from York & ride around Dalby a fair bit. Give me a shout if ya fancy going up there & we'll sort summat out :D
    If ya aint 1st, yer last!!!
  • thanks for all the replies guys, had a quick look at the links in dragons post - some good routes nearby on there :)

    Cheers for the shout pete, definitely wanting to get upto dalby in the next couple of weekends - I've got a vw t4 which I'm in the process of convertin but could probably stick 2 bikes in the back until I can afford a bike carrier (thinking the saris bones 2 as they seem to have rave reviews).

    What's your fitness like? Any chance of you leaving me for dead? lol
  • pete80pete80 Posts: 69
    Paul my fitness is coming along nicely but if I find i'm leaving you behind or visa versa i'm more than happy to slow down :) its not a race its about getting out & about well thats how I see it anyway.

    As I say just give me a shout if ya fancy it.....
    If ya aint 1st, yer last!!!
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